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2020 Community Arts Projects

2020 Community Arts Projects




In 2019, the Winter Magic Festival initiated a Community Arts Program as part of its new artistic model and supported a wide range of community organisations to produce new work. For 2020, we are again inviting submissions from Blue Mountains community organisations for community arts projects to be developed in the lead-up to, and presented on the day of the 2020 festival.


Our Community Arts Projects are intended to create real opportunities for community-driven creative engagement, and drive professional development and skills sharing by enabling community members and arts workers to collaborate and produce new work. Our Community Arts Projects continue the traditional role of the Winter Magic Festival as an incubator for the arts in the Blue Mountains.


Projects will be assessed on the following criteria:

· Artistic and cultural merit

· Community engagement

· Community showcase

· Potential for professional development outcomes

· Reference to the theme of winter solstice


Projects might include:

· Costume-making

· Performance (music, dance, poetry, comedy)

· Composition

· Self-curated stages or spaces

· Exhibitions and demonstrations

· Installations

· Street theatre

· Activities


We particularly encourage projects which bring colour, life, and spectacle to the street throughout the day, and that have a wide community reach.


The Committee will allocate successful applicants funding to help facilitate the delivery of their projects, and/or spaces to present them. Proposals may be funded up to a MAXIMUM budget of $2,000 AUD, which should include all associated arts worker/tutor/facilitator fees, materials, equipment, etc. Please note that these are maximum amounts and we enthusiastically welcome proposals that come in below the maximum budget.

Please ensure you have read the following FAQs and T&Cs and submit the linked application form below along with any required additional documentaion by Monday 2 December 2019. Successful applicants will be notified by Friday 6 December 2019.


We look forward to hearing your ideas!


Please note that Performer Applications will open later in the year, and this round of applications is strictly for Community Arts projects. 




What do you mean by “community organisation”?

We define community organisations as being local organisations that work with members of the Blue Mountains community to enhance social, economic, cultural, health or educational outcomes, such as schools, youth services, disability services, neighbourhood centres, arts groups, cultural groups, health services, etc.


What do you mean by “new work”?

New work refers to projects that begin after 1 March 2020 and make something – a show, exhibition, sculpture or performance – that is specifically for presentation at the 2020 Winter Magic Festival on 20 June 2020.


What do you mean by “community engagement”?

Community engagement refers to projects which engage and involve members of the community in the art making process, from development to delivery. Organisations and any hired arts workers should facilitate and support community members in the art making process, not the other way around.


What do you mean by “community showcase”?

Community showcase refers to projects which highlight, flaunt and celebrate the colour, uniqueness, vibrancy and creativity of the Blue Mountains community and its individual members.


What do you mean by “professional development”?

Professional development refers to projects which develop or enhance the skill sets of its participants (community members) through skills sharing and other means.


How much funding is available?

Maximum funding is available up to $2,000 AUD. Please note that these are MAXIMUM amounts and we enthusiastically welcome proposals that come in below the maximum budget.


If successful, when will we receive funds?

Allocated funds will be paid to successful applicants in two lots. One on project commencement on 1 March 2020, and one on completion. Successful applicants will be required to invoice Katoomba Winter Magic Festival Inc for both payments. The final funds will only be released when the applicant presents a written account of the success or otherwise of the project (an acquittal).


Where will our project be presented?

All projects will be presented within the Winter Magic Festival footprint. Venues will be allocated after considering a number of factors including visibility, space requirements, power and staging requirements, weather. The Community Arts coordinator will consult with successful applicants and assess the presentation requirements of each project, and liaise with the Events and Entertainment Coordinators who will negotiate with venues directly to find the most appropriate space for each project.


Can we negotiate or suggest our own venue?

Yes. We are very happy for you to suggest a venue that you feel would best suit your project, or that you might have been offered, or have existing access to. Again, venue requirements will be assessed project by project and handled by the Events and Entertainment Coordinators, with the Community Arts Coordinator acting as a liaison. The Katoomba Winter Magic Festival reserves the right to decide final venue allocations.


Will our projects be publicised?

Winter Magic Festival will produce a 2020 Community Arts Program which will be publicised alongside other festival programming and events on all WMF channels. In addition we encourage all successful applicants to use their own channels to publicise and cross promote their projects throughout the development and delivery period.


Can we fundraise or seek additional funding and/or sponsorship from other sources to support our project?

Yes. We enthusiastically encourage applicants to seek additional funding sources and cash or in-kind sponsorship arrangements to support their projects.


Who can I contact if my question is not answered here?

If you have any additional questions not addressed above, please forward your query to



Terms and Conditions:


Successful applicants will be selected and approved by the Katoomba Winter Magic Festival Inc committee. These decisions will be final and no correspondence regarding the outcome will be entered into.


Projects will commence after 1 March 2020 for completion and presentation at the 2020 Winter Magic Festival on 20 June 2020.


Successful applicants will be required to return a signed funding agreement before project commencement.


Successful applicants will be required to have or obtain public liability insurance for the duration of the project and will be required to provide a certificate of currency prior to project commencement


Allocated funds will be paid to all successful applicants in two lots. One on project commencement, and one on completion. In order for WMF to be able to make payments, organisations will be required to submit an invoice for each payment, and to return a completed acquittal form on project completion no later than 4 July 2020.


Successful applicants will be required to hold a minimum of one progress meeting with the WMF Community Arts Coordinator between project commencement and completion.


Successful applicants will be required to document their projects and provide this project documentation to Winter Magic Festival Inc as part of their project acquittal and for possible feature through WMF channels.


If the project outcomes stated in your application are not met Winter Magic Festival Inc. reserves the right to withhold and/or recover funds.



Please fill in the linked application form below:


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