Night Kite

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A band forming in mid-2016, the girls from Night Kite came together from four different walks of musical life to create a unique and exciting sound.

Harnessing the power of four incredible vocalists: Susie Hurley, Amy Price, Vanessa Moussa and Keara Donohoe they weave intricate harmonies over rhythmic percussion, creating seductive and dynamic arrangements.
Their vast experience covers folk, gospel, country, opera, pop, and soul, with each vocalist throwing their own distinct style into the songwriting melting pot.
Night Kite's upwards trajectory has been swift, with the girls already collecting an impressive array of achievements. Quick to become regulars on the Sydney scene, they have held residencies at the Robin Hood Hotel, become favourites at The Rhythm Hut in Gosford, and support original live music by playing at local and underground events.
The girls recently wowed audiences in a coveted spot at the 2017 Tamworth Country Music Festival, playing three shows in the bustling hub of The Tamworth Hotel.
In January 2017 Night Kite released their first single, Already Come Into My Heart's, kicking off a busy year that will see the girls headline The Rhythm Hut, continue on the festival circuit and work on recording their first album.


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