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The 23rd Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival will be held Saturday 18th June 2016
in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

The Winter Magic Festival is a free, annual community event, celebrated around the Winter solstice in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. The Winter Solstice in 2016 (Yule) falls on June 21st, 8:34am AEST.

Winter Magic is the Blue Mountain's highest profile and most anticipated annual event. The Blue Mountains is NSW inaugural City of the Arts and Katoomba is the heart of that city. It is the weekend when artists, musicians, dancers, drummers, choirs, stalls and community take over one of Australia's most famous towns.

During the event, the main street of Katoomba is closed to motor traffic and open to pedestrian traffic. This allows the whole town to become a performance space. The streets are lined with market stalls and everybody who attends is encouraged to dress in costume.

Unlike many Festivals run by Chambers of Commerce and Councils, this event is run by community volunteers. It has a strong local focus and very wide general appeal. The setting is a town sitting on a narrow ridge and bound north and south by a World Heritage listed National Park.

The festival itself is free, however some activities charge a fee.


The 2016 Winter Magic Festival Theme is
'Where The Magic Things Are'

The festival committee would like people to consider what magic means to you, whether that be the literal meaning of magic, the magic of community, the magic of the Blue Mountains, the magic of winter and more.


Planning for the 2016 WMF has commenced. There is a lot to undertake including raising the funds required for this FREE community event to proceed.
Please note that this community festival is run entirely by volunteers and as such the availability to respond to every individual enquiry is limited.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL APPLICATIONS for the 2016 festival will not open online until 1st JAN 2016.

Stall applications, Performer applications, Parade and Volunteer applications will all open 1st Jan 2016 and will be required to be submitted via the festival website:
Details and guidelines will also be available on the respective application pages form 1st Jan.

Online applications will open 1st JAN 2016.

All successful applications will be notified and invoiced prior to the 31st March 2016.
Only stall applications with current public liability will be accepted, stalls are also required to comply with sustainable practices including no plastic.
Please note that we receive far more applications than can be accommodated and submitting an application is not a guarantee of an offer.

Online applications will open 1st JAN 2016.

All successful applications will be notified prior to the 31st May 2016.
The Winter Magic Festival is an opportunity to showcase the extraordinary talents of the Blue Mountains region. Please remember that preference is given to those talented performers who have a strong connection with the region (either live/work/family/history etc). Applications without a link to a sample of your music/performance can not be considered for a spot. The Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival is a free community festival and as such funds available are limited so please take that in to consideration before applying.
***PLEASE NOTE that we receive far more applications than can be accommodated and there is no guarantee of approval nor of performance stage location.***

Online applications will open 1st JAN 2016.
Closing date for applications is 12 midnight Sunday 12 June 2016.

Please note that no assessment of applications for the parade will be made prior to the 31st Jan 2016.
The parade is a people parade only..... no vehicles (except emergency vehicles) nor floats or animals.
Local community groups are encouraged to apply however people can also enter as an individual or family.
Colourful costumes, props, large puppets and noise-making devices such as musical instruments or voices and all encouraged excluding costumes or props that could be considered offensive to age, race or gender.

Online applications will open 1st JAN 2016.

Winter Magic is run by dedicated volunteers and can't be the awesome event that it is without our amazing team of loyal volunteers.
There are many areas that require assistance in the lead up and on the day of the festival and all help is greatly appreciated!

2016 Winter Magic Committee!

Following the Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival Annual General Meeting held Mon 2nd Nov 2015 the following 2016 Committee positions have been filled:

• President – Sharon Peralta
• Vice President – Victor Peralta
• Treasurer – Toni Clark
• Secretary – Helen Shields
• Volunteers Coordinator - Penelope Walker
• Sustainability – Marina Brown
• Entertainment Coordinators – Tina Marie Sheil & Amy Bell
• Parade Coordinators – Adrienne Murphy with assistance still from Colin Semmler
• Stalls Coordinator – Jade Tinkler
• Site Safety Officer - Bob Kemnitz
• ArtStreet Coordinator – Victor Peralta
• Publicity/Multimedia – Charity Mirow: Divine Moon Design
• Sponsorship & Grants - Vacant

The festival still really needs someone who has previous experience in raising sponsorship and anyone that is experienced in grants applications to join the team and any assistance would be much appreciated!

We are also looking for someone with events management experience to assist the President in on going duties.

Please note that ALL POSITIONS are volunteer based, and as such do not have payments, salary, wages or bonuses attached to them.
Reply or send a PM through the WMF facebook page if you have any questions:

Thank You

Winter Magic Festival 2014 Committee

Clockwise from top left - Sharon Peralta, Marina Brown,
Victor Peralta, Tina Sheil, Charity Mirow
Thank you to Mell Mallin Photography for the group photo.


The 2015 Website background edge theme design of
"PEACE" and content management
is by Charity Mirow of Divine Moon Design


A note regarding the Winter Magic Festival logo and branding. Please note that the festival logo and branding is copy right of the Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival. Businesses, organisations, groups and individuals are not authorised to reproduce or use the festival logo in any context without prior written agreement from the Winter Magic festival committee President.


Experience the Magic

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