Our vision – Making winter magic in Katoomba

Our mission – To engage the people of Katoomba and the Blue Mountains in a sustainable, vibrant, annual community winter solstice celebration of the arts and creativity centred on Katoomba Street.


The next Winter Magic Festival will be
on 22 June 2019!


The Winter Magic Festival Committee, in collaboration with key stakeholders and community members, is planning for a magical 2019 and developing a new artistic vision.

There is a lot to do, and only a short time frame to do it in. We are now calling for expressions of interest from volunteers, performers, stallholders and all the other people who make the Festival happen.

The Winter Magic Festival Association Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers. Each year the Association elects a committee, which runs the Festival. The best way to be involved in the Winter Magic Festival and to ensure its survival is to become a member of the Association but you can also come along and volunteer.

If you would like to be a member of the Winter Magic Festival Association, or want to confirm your current membership, please email our secretary, Ian Dudley-Bestow, on admin@wintermagic.com.au stating you would like to join, and he will tell you how to deposit the funds necessary to secure your membership – it's the princely sum of $2.

If you have enjoyed Winter Magic in the past and would like to donate to help it secure its future, you can now do that through our Paypal facility.

Please click the link to "donate to Winter Magic" on the left sidebar of this page.



Experience the Magic

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